Monday, February 14, 2005

Thought Police at UNLV

A good piece for a quiet Monday afternoon.

A professor of economics at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Hans Hoppe, is being threatened by university officials for using homosexuals as an example when lecturing about the idea of time preference as propensity to plan for the future is academically known.

His offense? He argued that couples with children tend to plan more than couples without and that homosexuals tend to plan less than heterosexuals because they tend not to have children and tend to live riskier lives.

Apparently this offended ONE student who complained.

The university demanded an apology and the professor refused to cave and now the the ACLU is defending the professor. The key issue here as author Paul Jacob points out is:

Liberty is what's defining here, and it's being trumped, on college campuses, not by Mill's principle of "harm to others," but by a much more vague and dangerous principle, "offense to others."

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