Monday, February 28, 2005

Tidbits 28February05

1. Harvey "C-minus" Mansfield is a Professor of Government and a titan at Harvard. He's legendary for single-handedly fighting grade inflation. He's takes on feminists in this Weekly Standard column.

2. Charles at LGF lambasts the silence of the Oscars about Theo van Gogh. Every year the Oscars does a nice salute to Hollywood veterans who have passed on. They should have featrued van Gogh.

3. Robert Reich, Clinton's former secretary of labor, defends Wal-mart. His thesis is simple and perfect. Who among us don't search for bargains? In the end that's what Wal-mart is all about. (Reich's remedy is a bit silly but the overall thrust of his argument is bang-on.)

4. Hates the Gates. The saffron colored Central Park exhibit has drawn generally rave reviews. Here is a counterpoint.

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