Friday, February 18, 2005

Humor on the Right

Frank J. of IMAO gives the world a scouting report on blogs -- part of his outstanding "know thy enemy" series. One running joke is for Frank to posit a fight between the enemy in question and Aquaman. This one's a classic:

In a fight between blogs and Aquaman, blogs would keep hounding Aquaman about supposed statements he made at Davos about U.S. troops deliberately targeting fish until he was forced to resign from his job at CNN.

Two others for you, then click over to IMAO:

* If you are part of the mainstream media, blogs will keep demanding facts and objectivity from you. Don't give in! If you cede to this demand, who knows what they'll ask for next!

* If you see a geeky looking male or a slutty looking female in front of a laptop, he or she could be a blogger. Don't make eye contact or say anything in front of them or they will destroy you.

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