Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Some other worthwhile reads today.

1. [More] Mark Steyn on the Tories who've lost their spine. But the real treasure is near the end:

In The Spectator in 2002, I quoted Lee Kuan Yew’s observations about the change in Singapore’s Muslims over recent decades: once relatively integrated, they now keep themselves to themselves, cover their womenfolk, and are stricter in their observances. The following year, a senior Dutch cabinet minister told me about the same phenomenon in his country: today’s young Muslims are more fundamentalist and isolated than their immigrant grandparents from the East Indies were in the early Seventies. This is the Islamic Reformation, and it’s happening across the globe, from Scandinavia to Java.

2. Powerline takes Belgium to task for their insolent 'piss on Bush' sticker. Holland doesn't escape either.

3. Jonah Goldberg on why he thinks Deep Throat was a fake invented by Woodward & Bernstein.

4. For something lighter, Jonathan Last on how movie studios make money today. Nicholas Cage, take note.

5. Hunter S. Thompson was never on my curriculum given a reasonable liberal arts education in both high school and college. Independently his material never held any interest. He seemed to be typical of 60's anti-everything, take no responsibility 'counter-culture' which thankfully went out with Jimmy Carter. Not to speak ill of the dead but are two (1 & 2)screeds on Thompson's work.

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