Monday, February 28, 2005

Sleepin' on the job

UPDATE -- I originally posted this about midday, but I've since had time to do more than merely a quickie skim of Andy McCarthy's article and I think the Deacon's reaction to one aspect of McCarthy's column is more logical than McCarthy's analysis. Now, back to our show:

Sorry for the late posting, I had a bunch of good stuff to put up, but I got to work and one of the bosses pist me off so bad I could barely think straight. Then Blogger went in the tank (daily fark up) so I couldn't post. And Wongdoer has been busy too, hopefully repairing the damage George Soros is trying to do to the dollar.

Anyway, here are some things for your lunchtime (tea time, afternoon break time, etc.) reading.

First, Israel is preparing a hasbara -- information campaign -- to show how Syria is fomenting terrorism in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, etc. The Israelis claim that Syria is behind the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv last weekend and that they can prove it. Israel will also bring its charges to the UN Security Council seeking condemnation of the bombing itself. This is a nice tactic that will expose the hypocrisy and moral emptiness of the UN, but will do little else. And failing to whack Syria for its actions, if the Israelis do have proof of Syrian instigation (and I trust they do) will only allow the Syrians to think they can get away with it.

Second, two must reads from Opinion Journal: (a) this Victor Davis Hanson column discussing why the US can no longer rely on the flaccid Eurostates as strategic partners; and (b) this lead editorial on the case of Jose Medellin, a Mexican citizen on death row in Texas. Mexico complained to the International Court of Justice (aka, the World Court) and the ICJ held that the US has to review the death sentences of all Mexican nationals on death row to ensure compliance with the Geneva Convention. This is rubbish, and there's a fight in the government on how to handle the US's amicus brief before the Supreme Court of the US in Medellin's personal appeal of his death sentence.

Third, you should always read your Andy McCarthy. Today he rips the Democrats over their meddling with Bush's judicial nominations process.

That should get you started.

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