Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vince Young should go to the NFL

Young was a one man wrecking crew tonight and THE reason why Texas toppled the USC dynasty. Granted USC's defense was a bit suspect but Young made every play he needed to and RUSHED for 200+ yards. Granted he won't be able to run like that against most NFL defenses. But I can't see him worse than a Cunningham or a Michael Vick.

He's got his national championship and unlike Leinart who is a more classic quarterback Young has excellent size but depends on his extraordinary athletic ability. His stock is the highest its ever been and while it could go higher he needs to weigh that risk against that of a significant injury. He should be able to get a big contract and signing bonus plus two guaranteed years.

This ESPN story indicates Young is leaning towards staying another year. I'd recommend against it - he'll go top 5 and the Jets ought to take him if they can at #4 either as insurance for Pennington or to trade him.

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