Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Serial murderers' useful idiots

Good piece by Bridget Johnson on the gullibility and foolishness of death penalty foes who advocate for depraved killers. Exhibit 1 is this quote after the Commonwealth of Virginia tested DNA found at the scene of certain killings attributed to Roger Keith Coleman and proved that Coleman, who had protested his innocence up until the date of his execution, had committed the crimes:

James McCloskey of Centurion Ministries, who had spent nearly two decades trying to prove Coleman's innocence, was befuddled, asking the Washington Post: "How can somebody, with such equanimity, such dignity, such quiet confidence, make those his final words even though he is guilty?"

Answer: because these killers are manipulative psychopaths -- after all, many of them persuaded their victims to spend time with them, then committed the murders (Gacy, Bundy, etc.). Read the whole piece.

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