Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Oddities in So. Cal = Rose Bowl 2006

Is USC the best college football team in the history of the universe? ESPN has been hyping that notion for the past two weeks, and the answer is easy: no, not this USC team.

Indeed, last year's lot was better -- they had a defense to go with the overwhelming offense. This year's team is like the 1994 Penn State team, with a bigger rep: top QB, excellent running backs, great receivers, lack of defense. USC averages a ridiculous 587+ yards per game! But where that '94 Penn State team lost its defense to injuries, the USC team this season has not had a good defense all year, nor has it played one.

Texas is the #5 defense in the country. That means it doesn't stink. Texas also attempted to choke away the game at Ohio State this year (3 turnovers), but physically dominated the Buckeyes (382 yards to 255), in Columbus, and won against what is probably the fourth best team in the country. USC needed the Bush Push to beat Notre Dame (which Ohio State drubbed in the Fiesta Bowl by a don't-let-the-score-fool-you 34-20 count), and hasn't faced a team with a top 30 defense all year, never mind a top 10 defense.

So, don't be surprised if the uncanny Vince Young does unto USC what he did to Ohio State (late rally), Oklahoma State (250+ yards running and passing) and Michigan (2005 Rose Bowl, 192 yards running and 4 TDs) in the past two years, and if the USC offense finally bogs down into the 28-point range. If all that happens, UT orange will be the color of college football's kings, and the UT haters at MonkOffice will be in mourning for a year.

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