Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This complete falsehood from Nedra Pickler of the AP in a story on the White House's response to Al Gore's criticism; here's her description of Gore:

. . . the Democrat, who lost the 2000 election to Bush only after the Supreme Court intervened.

That is disgusting.

Fact: Al Gore never won the state of Florida vote.

Fact: the major networks called Florida for Gore then recanted BEFORE THE POLLS CLOSED in the whole state. The part of the state most affected -- the western area that is the most Bush-friendly part.

Fact: the Florida Supreme Court twice violated the Constitution by setting up judicial remedies at odds with Article II of the Constitution.

Fact: every recount, except the most strict vote-counting method that neither candidate ever sought in the Bush v. Gore soap opera, resulted in a Bush win. The strict-method count that resulted in a Gore win was unverifiable.

In other words, stop the false mythos that the Supreme Court "intervened" and thereby "delivered" the presidency to Bush. He won the election, Gore lost. Period.

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