Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vince Young is awesome

The Monk watched Texas upset USC 41-38 in the Rose Bowl and the simple fact is that Vince Young is just ridiculous -- he made USC's defenders look like Division II players. In the biggest game of his life, Young hit 30-40 passes for 267 yards and ran 20 times for 200 yards and 3 TDs. That's 467 total yards in the national title game against a team that had not lost in nearly three seasons. And he led his team back from a 12-point deficit with just over 6 minutes left.

Young is Mike Vick with equal or better speed, greater size and an arm that is more accurate (although a weaker fastball) than Vick's. Watching him is worth the price of admission.

Now some good, bad and ugly from the bowls:

The good: officiating in the Orange Bowl -- teaching video quality game control; Mike Tirico's play-by-play calls in the Orange Bowl; West Va.'s O-line; the inVinceable Mr. Young; Matt Leinart's 369 total yards (second-best ever in a BCS title game; LenDale White's power running; Ohio State's explosive offense; Penn State's grit; Florida State's grit; UCLA's hands team; Wisconsin's determination to win one in Coach Alvarez's last game.

The bad: USC's defense; Sun Belt officiating (Michigan-Nebraska); Oregon's ability to show up in the Holiday Bowl; Notre Dame's defense; Georgia's front seven; USC's fourth-down conversion attempts; Orange Bowl field goal kicking; stink bombs by Auburn, Georgia, Miami, Colorado; South Florida's offense; Keith Jackson's play-by-play.

The ugly: the game-winning FG for Bama; Sun Belt officiating; Reggie Bush's improv acts; offense in the Orange Bowl's third quarter; defense in the Rose Bowl's second half; Marcus Vick; Miami's post-game pugilism; Rutgers' defense.

All in all, some great stuff at the end of the bowl season.

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