Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Good Morning Canada II

While it lasts, Mark Steyn has his liveblogging of the Canadian elections up at Steyn Online. Steyn whiffed on his predictions (138 Tories, 71 Libs, 58 BQ, NDP 40) -- the final total:

Conservatives = 124
Liberals = 103
Bloc Quebecois (Quebec separatists) = 51
National Democratic Party = 29
and one Independent

The result means that Tory leader Stephen Harper will be the next Canadian PM, ending more than a decade of nihilistic anti-Americanism in the government. The BQ tends to vote closer to the Tories than the Liberals, and Steyn noted that in 37 of the 51 districts (called "ridings" in Canada) where the BQ won, the Tories came in second -- thus, the Tory influence over nearly 75% of the BQ representation should be substantial.

Another note: Alberta, the richest Canadian province and the one most often desired to defect to the US, voted for Tories in 28 out of 28 ridings. That means the Libs had NO representation from the Canadian bread basket, despite the people's republic of Edmonton!

Ed Morrissey, whose reporting on the Gomery Commission's corruption investigation (with many a leak from Canadian sources) did much to help discredit the grift in the Labour government also liveblogged the elections. Needless to say, he's pleased, not least of all because the now ex-PM Paul Martin resigned.

A good day for our neighbors to the north. Welcome back to the real world, feel free to participate.

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