Tuesday, January 17, 2006

From the no-s**t files: an NFL mistake

I like the fact that the NFL holds its officials publicly accountable. Thus, I have no problem with Mike Pereira, the head of NFL officiating, publicly stating that the Polamalu interception overrule by Pete Morelli was wrong. Why? The officials are charged with knowing the NFL rulebook front to back. They have training sessions on that before the season so that they are familiar with the NFL's new points of emphasis, rule changes and receive a refresher on the rules as a whole.

Pereira's explanation further clarifies the "football move" concept that refs use. Of course, it cannot clarify how Morelli could have perceived Polamalu lacking control over the football while on the ground and starting back to his feet.

Next, the NFL will figure out how to overturn pass interference non-calls (Giants-49ers 2002, Steelers-Colts 2005) and fictional pass interference calls (Pats-Broncs 2005) by replay.

Or so I hope.

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