Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Mildly positive reactions on NRO to the President's penultimate State of the Union address. The Monk would like to see less hopeful rubbish about "renewable" fuels, which actually cost more to make and only add to the cost of gasoline. I don't know what it would take to have Congress smarten up about ANWR drilling, or even drilling off the coast of Florida (which the President limited as a sop to his brother), but these sensible explorations are necessary to enhance "energy security" -- the President's latest soundbite on the issue.

In SOTU #8, I'd like the President to issue a warning for the future. There would be no better time than then for him to reverse his catastrophic failure to address the dangers of creeping Leninism in Central and South America and call upon those governments to hold full and fair elections and allow entrepreneurship and the rule of law to flourish. That call would help his successor, who will be saddled with the results of Bush's policy failures that have led to Chavez's increasing power in Venezuela, Morales' ascension in Bolivia, Ortega revenant in Nicaragua, and communist-leaning governments in Argentina and Ecuador.

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