Friday, January 19, 2007

Hot Stove Report Cards

SI's Jon Heyman posted his off-season report cards for the AL and NL (the NL grades are linked to this post, click the title; the AL grades are accessible from the NL article). The grades are generally fair, but there are a few questionable calls.

The Rangers with a B+ after gaining the "potential" effectiveness of Eric Gagne, signing over-age wastelander Kenny Lofton and failing to re-sign Carlos Lee. That B+ is too high even with the trade for Brandon McCarthy.

The Red Sux with an A despite failing to address their biggest problem -- late-inning pitching. Simply stated, the offseason is the time to handle up on the team's worst problems. The Sawx landed a top starter, but having four top starters including two no-doubt Hall of Famers and one likely one from 1993-99 still netted the Braves only one title.

The Yankees with a B- seems a bit harsh after the Yanks dumped the Unit, dumped Sheffield's attitude and pricetag for Detroit's best pitching prospect, re-signed Pettitte, obtained a firstbaseman who can play defense and re-stocked their minor league system with the Sheff and Unit trades. I agree that the grade rises to A- if Clemens wears pinstripes. Nonetheless, Heyman gave the Dodgers an A- for landing Jason Schmidt and Randy Wolf while wasting money on Juan Pierre and Luis Gonzalez and gave the Padres a C+ for failing to upgrade the offense despite landing Maddux and probably Wells. Where's the consistency?

And why ignore the stupid 24.5M/3 Adam Eaton signing in praising the Phillies?

Heyman's usually worth a read, even if you disagree with him.

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