Friday, January 19, 2007

Comments on our entries

Note that TKM uses Haloscan for comments. When we switched to this new template, I had to reconfigure Haloscan. In the interim between loading the template and manually loading the Haloscan, I think we lost some comments, including a couple by our friend Oyster who still believes in the concept of man-made global warming despite the fact that even more climatologists rejected the science of the IPCC and the rationale behind Kyoto last year.

If you commented on one of our posts, cannot find the comment, and are not a spammer, please forgive the inconvenience and post again. Remember our simple rules: no overt profanity, no idiot screeds -- we're more than happy to have disagreements with our commenters but prefer that you support your argument with links, reported facts, etc., not the Bushisevil/Cheneyisthedevil crap that wanders around the left-wing blogosphere. I cannot stand Hillary Clinton, but won't hurl similar calumnies at her in this blog.

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