Monday, January 08, 2007


This is a fitting first post of the year. I think it's gonna be a rough 2007 for the side of the angels and before we start talking about Nancy Pelosi, this is a great story for our non-Metro NY readers.

On January 2nd, Wesley Autrey, a 50 year old construction worker and Navy veteran, who was taking his daughters home on the subway, leapt into the New York City subway tracks in front of an oncoming train to save a young man who had had a seizure and fallen moments earlier. Unable to get the man up he shoved 20 year old Cameron Hollopeter into the foot-high depression in the middle of track (generally filthy by the way) and held him down as the subway roared over the two of them with barely an inch to spare.

Helping someone who falls on the tracks is one thing but to make a split second decision to save a stranger and to then to make the right decision is truly outstanding.

He was invited on Letterman a couple of days later and he's just a regular guy.


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