Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Clueless Norv?

Speculation around here is that the Cowpatties are going to name Norv Turner their new head coach. Maybe today. Maybe next week. I'm fine with that because it will ensure the Cowmanures will be a nonfactor.

Turner is lauded around here because he was the offensive coordinator of the Cowboys' Super Bowl champions under Jimmy Johnson. He did help mold the Aikman/Emmitt/Irvin trio, but the talent of those three was top-end from day one. Although he's quiet and a non-firebrand, he's not a Tony Dungy type of stern, intense, no-nonsense quiet. Instead, Turner has been weak and vacillating with players and ownership throughout his career -- a reason that his record stands at a putrid 58-82-1 (fired with three games to go in 2000).

Some coaches are really good coordinators. Turner falls into that group, as does Ray Rhodes. Norv is not the next Joe Torre, who comes from the sport's wilderness after weak stints as a head man (manager, head coach, etc.) and becomes a Hall-of-Famer under a high-intensity owner at one of the sport's premier franchises. Torre had greater strength of character and force of will; Turner is not so driven.

If I were the Cowboys, I'd strongly consider hiring Mike Singletary, who interviewed with Jerry Jones for EIGHT hours yesterday. The interview has been criticized as a mere sop to the league to comply with the "Rooney Rule" requiring teams seeking head coaches to interview at least one minority candidate. If so, the 'Boys are making a mistake. The Monk would be more than pleased at seeing Singletary in the Red-and-Blue of the Giants in 2008 after the team smartens up and sacks Coughlin.

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