Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Global Warming my a**

Days like today are the reason that the global warming alarmists now use the euphemism "climate change."

It's 27 degrees (Fahrenheit, for you non-Americans) in Dallas; yesterday temps ranged from 26-31 even though normal temps for mid-January are 34-54 (jealous yet, New Englanders?). And there's snow on the ground today, which has farked up traffic mightily because Southerners can't drive in anything other than perfect weather.

Think that wintry weather is a lovely thing? Consider that California is seeking disaster aid after freezing weather hit that state, and caused more than $1,000,000,000 damage to citrus crops. And across the country there are nearly 80,000 homes still without power after the winter storms in the Southwest last week.

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oyster said...

Before this latest cold front it was nearly sub tropical in Louisiana. There were mosquito swarms in January!

Well, I guess you're "keeping the faith" on the global warming issue. Lord knows there's less and less science for you to stand on.