Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The lead vulture

Tony Blankley rips into Rahm Emanuel, the Democratic Congressman who was one of the architects of the 2006 midterm electoral triumphs for his party. The whole column is worth a read, but here's the disgrace Blankley complains of -- Emanuel's bragging to the Washington Post that Democrats will do nothing to help "Bush" regarding Iraq. If it's such a disaster, why do these wonderful public servants refuse to serve the public by an heroic effort to improve the situation in Iraq with their great ideas? Simple: politics uber alles. Here's the money quote from Blankley:

Rahm Emanuel's Democratic Party is so bereft of a sense of national responsibility, that he apparently feels comfortable brazenly telling The Post that his plans for his Democratic Party is to not even try to stop things from getting worse in Iraq — so they can pick up the political pieces afterward. Mr. Emanuel is a "smart" politician. He thinks the more dire America's place in the world is in 2008, the more likely the voters are to vote Democratic. The more of our troops are left in more pieces the better for Rahm Emanuel's Democrats.

Maybe he is right — electorally. In pre-revolutionary Russia, Vladimir Lenin wrote a famous pamphlet in which he referred favorably to Nikolai Chernishevsky's appallingly cynical phrase: "The worse, the better" — the political view that the worse the social conditions for the poor, the more willing they would be to support a revolution."

Let me be careful — I am not accusing Mr. Emanuel of being a Leninist (that would at least require convictions — albeit perverted convictions). Mr. Emanuel has merely bought into the cynical view that party interests are more important than national interests.

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