Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Six idiots

Here at The Key Monk we are not too chuffed that Bartolo Colon won the AL Cy Young over Mariano Rivera. It's just another example of anti-Yankee bias. But we can live with that.

However, the fact that six of 28 sportwriters who voted left Mo completely off the ballot is just inexcusable. They are:

Corey Brock of the Tacoma News Tribune (Washington)
Sheldon Ocker of the Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio)
Joe Gross of the Annapolis Capital (Maryland)
Tom Powers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press (Minnesota)
Matt Hurst of the Riverside Press Enterprise (California)
Gabe Lacques of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune (California)

Here is some of their idiotic reasoning:

"I usually prefer to vote for relievers as MVP," said Sheldon Ocker, a columnist for the Akron Beacon Journal in Ohio. "I'm not saying that Cy Young is exclusively for starters, but for me it's hard to compare starters to relievers. That's like comparing a linebacker to a left guard. How do you do that? A reliever is more like an everyday player, to me."

Huh? So an everyday player is worth less than a starter?

Corey Brock, who covers the Mariners for Tacoma News Tribune in Washington, said, "Growing up and watching baseball as a fan before covering it, I always thought Cy Young should go to that workhorse, the starting pitcher who shoulders the load for a playoff team."

Still, Brock said he spent significant time analyzing Rivera's statistics, but didn't feel they warranted a place on his ballot, noting his 43 saves placed him third in the league.

Joe Gross, the sports editor and columnist for the Annapolis Capital in Maryland, said he didn't consider voting for Rivera, "based on the fact he was a reliever and not a starter."

Folks, Cy Young is for the best PITCHER. To leave Mo who had 43 saves with a miniscule 1.38 ERA in a season where he went four straight months w/o blowing a save OFF THE BALLOT is a joke.

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