Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Alito reactions

In the wake of a GOOD nomination for the latest Supreme Court opening, here are some notable reactions:

Jack Kelly claims that the president has foiled his enemies.

Lefty columnist David Corn says the Democrats have few attractive options.

Liberal law prof Cass Sunstein analyzes Alito's dissenting opinions during his 15 years on the Third Circuit and concludes:

It is important not to misread this evidence. Alito sits on a relatively liberal court, and hence his dissents are sometimes from relatively liberal rulings. None of Alito's opinions is reckless or irresponsible or even especially far-reaching. His disagreement is unfailingly respectful. His dissents are lawyerly rather than bombastic. He does not berate his colleagues. Alito does not place political ideology in the forefront.

And conservative law Prof. Jon Adler is pleased that this nominee is so well qualified.

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