Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The NY Times just doesn't disappoint as a reliable shill for the left. Yesterday they had an editorial on Kenneth Tomlinson branding him as some horrible right wing nutter etc, etc. It's really nothing special but this last paragraph caught my eye.

The inspector general's report is a case study of how dangerous ideological cronyism is as a substitute for nonpartisan expertise. Defenders of public broadcasting now must guard against still another conservative putsch - a Congressional move to cut financing for the corporation's $400 million budget of vital aid for local stations. This time, the "balance" zealots may resort to irony by citing the very chaos wrought by Mr. Tomlinson.

Does anything stand out here? Actually it's two words.

"conservative putsch"

Doesn't surprise me that the Times casually links the two words. "Putsch", though it has entered the English lexicon, is German in origin AND MOST OFTEN USED TO DESCRIBE THE HITLER'S COUP IN 1933.

Never miss an opportunity to associate the Right with HITLER.

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