Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mini-rant II: Sports (again but different)

The AL Cy Young Award vote is in and it's a complete travesty. Not only did fat Bartolo Colon (6.14 ERA in July, 4.91 ERA in September, third-best ERA on his team) win the award, he won easily. Colon received 17 of the 28 first-place votes even though he finished more than .60 runs per game behind the ERA winner, did not finish in the top five in innings or strikeouts and flat-out stank in the Angels two most important stretches of the season -- post All-Star and the stretch run.

The voting is a disgrace. Mariano Rivera did not even receive a mention on SIX of the 28 ballots! In what universe were there three or more pitchers better than Rivera in the AL this year?

The Cy Young Award is for the best pitcher in the league. Colon was not the best pitcher on his team (John Lackey) nor the best starter in the league (Johan Santana). The two explanations for his win -- he's a starter and won 20 games -- are rubbish. This ranks with the 1991 AL MVP as one of the worst travesties in baseball player awards ever.

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