Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ortiz for MVP?

The news that is not news today is that Albert Pujols coasted (from a voting standpoint) to his first NL MVP award.

The intriguing argument of the day is Jayson Stark's statistical breakdown comparison of A-Rod to Fatboy2, which easily provides the best argument for voting for Fatboy2 over A-Rod for the MVP. Go with the numbers as Stark presents them, add in the Ortiz effect in the RedSux clubhouse and you get about enough to overcome the fact that Fatboy2 sits whilst his teammates chase the ball in the field.

The Monk disagrees with the straw men Stark sets up at the outset of his column (Canseco, Juan Gonzalez, Frank Thomas all won MVPs so how important could defense be? He forgot Mo Vaughn). The fact that subpar defensive players won the MVP (and Canseco, Gonzalez and Thomas were adequate or just subpar, but not dreadful, during their MVP years) does not excuse Ortiz from NOT playing the field.

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