Monday, November 28, 2005

George Voinovich = Dipsh*t

George Voinovich (R-crybaby) was the disgrace of the Senate when he torpedoed any chance that Pres. Bush would get John Bolton's nomination as the US Ambassador to the UN through the divided Senate.

Today, we have yet another instance of Bolton's excellence. From the Jerusalem Post (HT = Opinion Journal):

Following intense US pressure, the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday issued an unprecedented condemnation of Monday's Hizbullah attacks on northern Israel.

This condemnation - slamming Hizbullah by name for "acts of hatred" - marked the first time the Security Council has ever reprimanded Hizbullah for cross-border attacks on Israel. The condemnation followed by two days a failed attempt to get a condemnation issued on Monday, the day of the attack, when Algeria came out against any mention of Hizbullah in the statement.

When asked what changed from Monday to Wednesday, one diplomatic official replied: "John Bolton," a reference to the US ambassador to the UN. Bolton lobbied vigorously for the passage of the statement.

So during John Bolton's first months at the UN, the useless international body has issued its first-ever condemnation of a terrorist group that targets Israel and has issued its first-ever condemnation of an Islamic country for statements against Israel (Iran for calling for Israel's destruction). Maybe George Bush knows a lot more about upholding US interests in the UN than George Voinovich . . .

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