Monday, November 28, 2005

Back and my back; a Notice to our Reader(s)

I'm back from vacation in Belize and my back is killing me. Dunno what the relationship between the two are.

Note that I write detailed travelogues for the vacation trips (not just family visits) that Monkette2B and I take. We had a fine trip and anyone who wants a copy of the travelogue I'm going to write can ring in to request one in the comments or email me. The previous ones are Dublin/London, Taos (New Mexico), Turks and Caicos (lost and gone forever); Budapest/Prague, Australia and Scotland. If anyone wants any of those, same suggestion: request one in the comments or by email. Wongdoer has been subjected to each of the previous iterations of the Travelogues and can attest as to their quality, usefulness, etc. I'm post-timing this entry so more of our devoted handful can decide if they want to partake of The Monk's travel wisdom.

Anyway, it's nice to be back in general, but that first day at work after time off just blows -- too many emails, emergency assignments that suddenly cropped the fk up over Thanksgiving, etc. Amazing what kind of petty rot goes on while one is away.

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