Thursday, November 10, 2005

ESPN cribs from the Monk?

Does Jayson Stark at ESPN read The Key Monk?

Stark contends that Johan Santana deserved to win the Cy Young more than Bartolo Colon. Even though he had 5 fewer wins, his ERA was 0.62 lower, he had 81 more whiffs, obp against him was .250 while opponents ba against Colon was .254 and he got 1.32 fewer runs per start of run support. But here's what he says about Mariano Rivera:

Why not give this thing to Mariano Rivera -- another man who actually pitched better than Colon?

Rivera, the runner-up, had the best season of his career. And that's saying something. He had his lowest ERA ever (1.38). He allowed his fewest baserunners ever (only 0.87 per inning). He had his best strikeout-walk ratio ever (4.44 whiffs per walk).

He gave up one run all season on the road. And he gave up one extra-base hit all year to the 120 hitters he faced with runners on base. Yep, one.

But clearly, some voters think relievers aren't supposed to win this award, either -- six of them didn't even list Rivera on their ballot.

Sounds like us here, no?

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