Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Don't just do something: Stand there!

If there's no reason for government to act, it should not. The most liberal courts in Texas are the ones in Beaumont and along the border with Mexico. But the Beaumont courts are old Texans, the descendants of Mexican emigres who dominate the polity and judiciary in the Rio Grande Valley are traditional Catholics. The Texas Supreme Court is dominated by Republicans. So who's going to declare the validity of marriage between two people of the same sex in this State? No one.

That's why Constitutional Proposition 2 to ban same-sex marriage in Texas was unnecessary. But it won by a 3-1 margin here in the Lone Star State.

In other news, here in Dallas the people once again demonstrated that they are an ass: voting down a strong mayor proposal in favor of the status quo, which leads to a complete absence of leadership in this city; and voting for a bond measure to fund an undersized homeless shelter (sleeps 100 with 300 hanging around the area for services -- and that was a selling point!) right across the street from the Dallas Farmers' Market -- great way to revitalize downtown and the Farmers' Market in one fell swoop.

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