Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chavez whores

Congressweasels Jose Serrano (D), NY [who by the way was one of the three who voted for immediate withdrawal from Iraq] and William Delahunt (D), MA have decided that pandering to their constituents and embarrassing the Bush administration is worth the price of legitimizing a murdering, America-hating thug who is the greatest threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere. According to CNN:

Citgo Petroleum Corp., a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, will supply oil at 40 percent below market prices. It will be distributed by two nonprofit organizations, Citizens Energy Corp. and the Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance.

The agreement gives President Hugo Chavez’s government standing as a provider of heating assistance to poor U.S. residents at a time when U.S. oil companies have been reluctant to do so and Congress has failed to expand aid in response to rising oil prices.

U.S. Rep. William Delahunt of Massachusetts, a Democrat, met with Chavez in August and helped broker the deal. He said his constituents’ needs for heating assistance trump any political points the Chavez administration can score.

“This is a humanitarian gesture,” Delahunt said, speaking after a news conference with Venezuelan officials and others outside the home of a constituent in Quincy who will receive heating aid.

A humanitarian gesture from a man who ordered political opponents shot in the streets of Caracas?

Jose Serrano of the Bronx has accepted a similar offer.

Absolutely putrid. Serrano and Delahunt are whores. And cheap whores at that.

I am just shocked that Cynthia McKinney who fell all over herself trying to grab for the $10 million Saudi 'donation' to 9/11 rebuilding (with anti-Semitic rhetoric as part of the package) after Giuliani refused it hasn't gotten in on this deal. She must be furious.


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