Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Yanks disgust me

I am sick and tired of this ridiculousness: the Skanks are 4-12 against the two worst teams in the AL, KC and Tampa. A .500 record against those two means the Pinstrippers are within a half-game of the Blosax and 2.5 up in the wild card race. The Wanks have not won a series against the D'Rays all year and this week choked TWO late-game leads into losses. Hold the leads, and the Blanks are within 2.5 of the Redsux and 0.5 up in the wild card race over suddenly gagging Oakland instead of 4.5 down in the division and 1.5 down in the WC race.

And The Monk is steamed that Torre chose Leiter over Small for the fifth starter's post. Small honked his relief appearance yesterday and his career as a reliever is weak, but his four starts for the Stanks have been solid, good, good, and very good. Leiter's 6 starts before yesterday were mostly painful because you couldn't tell if and when he'd find the strike zone (and the 5 BB yesterday do not help his WHIP ratio either). Leiter's inability to last more than 5.1 innings yesterday despite giving up only 2 runs while he was in the game (Small coughed up a run charged to Leiter) contributed to the Cranks failure because they had to go to a tired bullpen early.

Only 43 games to go . . . there's just not 'plenty of baseball left'. It's time for the Clanks' relief pitchers to step up just as the scrap heap starters (Chacon, Small) have and for the Mankees to beat some of the stiffs they should be feasting upon (6 more with TB, 7 with Baltimore, 3 each with KC and Seattle).

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