Friday, August 19, 2005

Good analysis, on the rocks

Vodkapundit is pretty accurate in his analysis of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. Here's the intro:

What's Israel get for getting out of Gaza? Let's take a look, but first let's scratch off what Israel won't get:

1. Increased respect from the international community.
2. Increased domestic security.
3. Increased domestic tranquility.

In fact, Israel will suffer a decrease in all three of those items.

The Monk has been quiet during this pullout because his position is and has been clear: the whole "Peace Process" from Madrid to Oslo to Camp David to the Road Map to the Withdrawal is a tragedy for Israel of hope over experience and fantasy over reality. Now Israel has accepted the principle that Gaza must be judenrein, that Arabs cannot have their own state where Jews reside, that land-for-peace is a worthwhile exchange when the former is given and the latter remains a pipedream, that it should obey the cries and wailing of the international community while making itself less safe with a post-Oslo armed terrorist nation on its border, and that peace at any price is a governmental policy that should be rammed down the collective throats of the lone democratic polity in the Middle East.

Wrong all around.

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