Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The immoral Lutherans

John Hinderaker of Powerline takes issue with his church's immoral stance against Israel and its decision to stop allowing Palestinian terrorists to cross into Israel from the West Bank and detonate themselves. As Hinderaker notes, the Lutheran church's stance against the Israeli anti-terrorism fence is of a piece with its general approach to Middle East issues:

The failure even to mention, let alone denounce, Palestinian terrorism is a consistent hallmark of the ELCA's writings on the Middle East. The "Peace Not Walls" resolution, like the Lutheran article, makes no specific mention of Palestinian terrorism, never acknowledges that Israel is building the fence to keep out mass murderers, not to steal a few acres of land, and gives no hint that the fence has saved many Israeli lives by making it more difficult for terrorists to slip into Israel. Likewise, the ELCA's Strategy for Engagement In Israel and Palestine singles out the fence as a threat to peace, but is entirely silent with respect to Palestinian terrorism:

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