Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yankees: sinking like a stone

The Yanks are going from bad to worse even though they've been playing decently well. Consider: the best #3 and #4 starters they've had this year have been Shawn Chacon and Aaron Small! Chacon has been just shy of brilliant so far: 3 ER in 19 IP, but he's had no support and is 0-1. Small is 3-0 and has a 2.67 ERA in four starts, including his 7 IP, 1 ER performance in the Yanks' loss to the White Sawx. The real culprits for the Yanks' shakiness in the face of a tough schedule are erratic performances from the rotation's anchors, Mooooooooooose and Johnson, poor middle relief and Matsui's two-week slump.

Can they get past all their injuries and go to the postseason yet again? Right now, they're 4 behind Oakland for the wild card, 5 behind the RedSux and seemingly incapable of combining both good pitching and good hitting at the same time -- the prerequisite for a hot streak (see Oakland, Bahstin) that would help put the Yanks squarely in the mix.

Where's a deadline deal for David Cone when you really need it?

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