Monday, August 08, 2005

Carolyn Hughes and Derek Lowe = whores

The Lisa Guerrero syndrome in TV sports "reporting" has generated another invidious consequence. Guerrero was the ABC sideline reporter who replaced Melissa Stark. Guerrero had big boobs (not all original equipment) and had been the weather girl for Fox's moronathon The Best Da*n Sports Show Period. She sucked as the sideline reporter for Monday Night Football and ABC sacked her.

Carolyn Hughes is a former Miss Texas who is married. Fox Sports West set her up as a reporter on the Dodgers' beat (cheesecake co-host of the pre- and post-game reports). Derek Lowe is a former RedSawx pitcher who signed as a free agent with the Dodgers this year (and has sucked, but that's another story), is married to a wife who looks like Tara Reid without the skank factor in the lone photo The Monk has seen of her, and has 3 kids (16 [hers, whom Lowe adopted], 5 and 1).

Lowe has abandoned his wife and kids to shack up with Hughes, who in turn has cast out her husband (who she initially started divorce proceedings against after falling for someone during spring training . . . in other words, this has been going on for about 5-6 months). Lowe's wife blew the whistle on him after he told her he wanted out -- she had his sorry a*s tailed and investigated. LA media reporter Ron Fineman (pay site = published pics of Lowe and Hughes. The happy adulterers went to the All-Star Game together (as fans, Lowe's season has been rubbish).

As much as Lowe deserves to be blasted for his immorality, Hughes' actions are socially more devastating. Why? How long has it taken for women to be accepted (never mind respected) as sports journalists? Many who actually know what they're talking about (Robin Roberts, Suzy Kolber, Andrea Kremer) have to work long and hard to land plum jobs despite their solid to excellent qualifications. Think of the path Lesley Visser has cut for so many female TV sports journalists -- Carolyn Hughes just soiled it.

What a lovely couple Lowe and Hughes are. May they rot.

HT: NYPost media reporter Phil Mushnick

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