Tuesday, August 16, 2005

CNN crows about Iraqi Constitution delay

CNN was rather annoying today in its European morning report. One of the anchors characterized the one week extension to which Iraqi delegates unanimously agreed as a "significant setback to the Bush administration". The report continued to portray the situation as being quite poor.

A Constitution, even a draft one, is a serious thing. A one week extension in a framework that essentially allows for two months 'extra time' is hardly a tragedy and should not have been entirely unexpected. The division of Iraq into autonomous regions, a deadlocked convention that would require new elections or sharia law enshrined in the document would be a serious setback. This extension hopefully will not need to be renewed and should not have been a surprise. CNN does its viewers a disservice with its ill-informed, or worse, intentionally biased reporting.

The CNN article on their website is much more balanced.

One of the reasons by Fox News is so popular. Unfortunately its not available overseas.

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