Friday, August 26, 2005

Army Retention Rates in Iraqi Units High

The MSM has devoted quite a bit of press on how US Army recruitment efforts are falling short of target due in large part to the casualties in Iraq. A WaPo article highlighting his though includes a gem - the retention rates of Army units in Iraq are quite strong:

Schoomaker said recruiting problems are offset by high retention among active divisions, especially in units that have served or are serving in Iraq. He said the Army has exceeded its personnel retention goal by 9 percent, with soldiers in the Third Infantry Division -- now on its second tour in Iraq -- reenlisting at 112 percent of the goal. The First Cavalry Division has the highest reenlistment rate, at 138 percent of the goal, according to the Army. All 10 of the Army's divisions are surpassing retention estimates.

Seems the soldiers on the ground believe in the mission but don't expect this to get any airtime now that Mother Sheehan is back at Crawford.

HT: The Corner

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