Monday, August 22, 2005

Lisa Ramaci-Vincent rips Juan Cole

Juan Cole, a ranting anti-Bush Islamapologist professor at Michigan and self-styled expert on the Middle East, took a gratuitious swipe at murdered journalist Steven Vincent. We took issue with that here.

The Murdoc Online blog has run the full text of a letter from Lisa Ramaci-Vincent, Steve Vincent's widow, to Juan Cole. Cole will need about a hundred stitches to close the new rectal orifice that he now sports courtesy of Lisa Vincent.

After she crushed the assumptions Cole made in his swipe,

I did not see your blog until tonight. I was busy doing other things - fighting the government to get Steven's body returned from Basra days after I was told he would be sent home, planning the funeral, buying a cemetery plot, choosing the clothes to bury him in, writing the prayer card, fending off the media, dealing with his aging parents, waking and then burying him - but I could not let the calumnies you posted so freely against two total strangers go unchallenged.

You strike me as a typical professor - self-opinionated, arrogant, so sure of the rightness of your position that you won't even begin to consider someone else's. I would suggest that you ought to be ashamed of yourself for your breathtaking presumption in eviscerating Steven in death and disparaging Nour in life, but, like any typical professor, I have no doubt that you are utterly shameless.

Read it all. (Juan Cole has not replied on his blog)

HT: Jonah at NRO.

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