Friday, July 01, 2005

Sports observation of the day

Two days ago, Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers attacked two cameramen, separately, while they were filming the team in pre-game drills. The team grants media permission to do this. He has no justification for his actions.

Today, Major League Baseball gave Rogers a 20-game suspension. He will likely appeal (although he should just take it and be done with -- after all, a 20-game suspension for a starter means four missed starts). He should have received 30-45 games.

But Rogers STILL has not apologized. Two days later.

When Randy Johnson told a NY cameraman to get out of his face and caused a media ruckus, the Yankees essentially kicked Johnson's a**, told him to smarten up and apologize ASAP and be f---ing humble, period. Johnson did a fully abject apology the next day. The Yanks made it known that his actions were not acceptable.

The Rangers have said nothing (other than owner Tom Hicks who said it won't happen again) and have hidden behind the Commissioner's skirts. This is disgraceful. It's the difference between a class organization and one that lacks class.

Rogers is the week's biggest loser. But the Rangers (who were dumping on Rogers earlier in the week) are no innocents at all.

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