Friday, July 29, 2005

Cheap shot of the Day

It's now a refrain for the NY Post: every time a Yankee-farmhand-turned-trade-bait pitches well, the Post's Joel Sherman unloads his journalistic bowels on the Yanks as he did in today's Post:

At a time when the Yanks are desperate for starting pitching, former Yankee lefties Brandon Claussen and Brad Halsey combined yesterday to allow one run in 13 innings against the Dodgers and Cubs, respectively.

I'm on record telling the Yanks to invest in Halsey and his loss is the worst part of the Johnson trade.

Claussen has a LONG history of arm injury that resurfaced again in 2004 and is 5-8, 4.71 (in the NL) this year.

Yeah, I'd like Halsey. But if the Yanks should regret trading any young pitcher, they should curse the day they chucked out Ted Lilly in the Jeff Weaver deal -- a deal that eventually cost the Yanks Yhency Brazoban and netted them useless Kevin Brown.

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