Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Larry Brown to the Knicks

Larry Brown is apparently very close to signing with the Knicks succeeding interim coach Herb Williams. This may be Isiah's best move. The peripatetic Brown may not be a paragon of faithfulness but he's a proven winner though not quite in the Phil Jackson /Pat Riley pantheon. Then again, those guys had folks named Jordan, Shaq and Magic. What the Dolans need is some excitement at the Garden and for the Garden not to be dark during the Spring which it has been since Van Gundy last took the Knicks to the playoffs.

Brown has had three losing seasons out of 22 in the NBA and executed one of the biggest upsets in Finals history last year when he took the heavily favored Lakers in 5 games. Dollars to donuts the Knicks are back in the playoffs next year though it will take more than that before they will truly contend.

There hasn't been a decent bid for Knicks' tickets in years but I bet the Ticketmaster lines are burning up this morning.

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