Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Political Blunder Alert

I've previously stated that the Bush Administration should have had a nominee ready to suggest upon the retirement announcement of any sitting Supreme Court justice. But this little snipet from the AP, based on a USA Today story about Bush defending Al Gonzales from conservative "attacks," almost made me lose my breakfast:

The president said he will interview prospects himself after he sorts through candidates over the next few weeks to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the newspaper said in a story posted late Monday on its Web site.

You cannot be serious: weeks of deliberations by the President on this? That means there is no way the Supreme Court will open with O'Connor's replacement in October 2005. And it gives the President's foes more time to mobilize and set the tone of debate with a compliant media as their ally. This is a recipe for failure by the President and a blunder in the making -- it's how Souters get appointed.

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