Friday, July 01, 2005

Idiocy of the Week

Worse even than Molly Ivins' incredibly dumb musing that the US has killed more Iraqis than Saddam ever did (next she'll say Stalin should be beatified), is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's statement regarding the deference due the Kelo decision:

It is a decision of the Supreme Court. If Congress wants to change it, it will require legislation of a level of a constitutional amendment. So this is almost as if G*d has spoken.

This is a crystallization of the liberal mind: secular, legalistic, anti-representative. Supreme Court opinions are inviolate and holy writ. The utterance that a Supreme Court decision is "almost as if G*d has spoken" is not just blasphemous and sacrilegious, but colossally moronic. Was Roger Taney's Dred Scott opinion relegating blacks to a virtual sub-human status as slaves "almost as if G*d has spoken"? What about Justice Brown's decision enshrining the racist "separate but equal" doctrine 109 years ago? If Brown's decision deserved such tremendous deference, was Justice John Harlan's dissent the voice of the underworld?

Vodkapundit's sidekick thinks Pelosi's statement just proves what some insiders suspected: she's a mental lightweight who is better at fundraising and glad-handing than actually thinking in front of the cameras. His observation is correct, but incomplete -- I think she unwittingly revealed a lot more than she intended about the liberal mind.

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