Monday, October 01, 2007

An unholy Mess

I mentioned the giant sucking sound from Shea Stadium (not the sewage alligators whose homes were paved over when the edifice went up), and Bob Klapisch today notes what the Mets lacked -- fire. The Marlins came into yesterday's game more intent on sending the Mets home for the offseason than the Mess were intent to win and play on.

That's disgraceful.

Also disgraceful is the performance and attitude of Tom Glavine. The future Hall-of-Famer sucked (0.2 IP, 5H, 7ER) and acted as if everything was ok ("a coupla flares"). Then again, he sucked for the final three starts of his season, all against poor teams (Marlins twice, Nats once), and all in pitcher-friendly parks. The Mess' fans should not only be displeased with how Glavine pitched, but his stoic reaction -- when Andy Pettitte lost two games in the 2001 WS, he descended into deep despair believing that he'd cost the Yanks the Series (he hadn't -- Stottlemyre's failure to catch how Pettitte was tipping his pitches hurt more, after all, that's the pitching coach's JOB; and of course, fielding woes in the bottom of the 9th of Game 7 did their part). Roger Clemens was beside himself after stinking up the Stadium in Game 7 of the '03 ALCS.

But the disgust level among the Mess was way too low throughout the team's locker room in the wake of its colossal bonk. A shameful day in Queens.

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