Wednesday, October 03, 2007

All interesting stuff -- the Inside Edge

Inside Edge scouting service has scouted all the major league teams. The service grades each primary player (starters, frequent relievers) on a large variety of criteria. The Joba report card is above. Calling Joba an "A-" pitcher is a huge compliment -- Inside Edge grades on a B- curve such that statistics that match the major league average net the player a B-. The two Indians Cy Young candidates each earned a B+ overall rating, the Yanks' top two starters earned B- overall ratings, and the top two NL MVP candidates earned B+ ratings (Rollins and Holliday). A-Rod earned an A-, Posada and Jeter B+ each. Indians catcher Victor Martinez net an A-, Grady Sizemore a B+. Surprisingly, Indians closer Joe Borowski received an average grade of B-.

Pitchers are graded on the quality of their control, ability to finish off hitters and ability to ensure hitters do not hit the ball well (Pettitte excels at this), among other criteria. ERA and normal statistical measures (WHIP ratio, K, etc.) are irrelevant. Hitters are graded on quality of their at bats, tendency to chase bad pitches, ability to avoid whiffing with two strikes (Cabrera and Cano are especially poor here), clutch at bats, and where they hit the ball best (high, middle, low; inside, outside, mid-plate), not on raw numbers like HR or RBI. Very interesting stuff for a baseball geek.

The full reports are available for the playoff teams at[team abbreviation]. The abbreviations are "nyy" "cle" "laa" "ari" "chc" "phi" and "col". For some reason, the RedSux report cards do not come up when using the "bos" team abbreviation.

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