Monday, October 01, 2007

Big Blue Drubs Donovan

The Giants tied an NFL record last night by sacking Donovan McNabb TWELVE times in their 16-3 win over the Eagles. That's incredible enough. Now add in the Osi Umenyiora factoid -- he sacked McNabb SIX times. That's ridiculous! We're talking more Madden '08 video game results for the Giants, only this time they were good ones. Simply stated, the Giants played great defense. That's good, because their offense was poor and the kicking game stank (a bricked 34-yard field goal and missed PAT). This is just the second win for the Giants against a McNabb-led Eagles team since 2001, and last year's win was a fluke as the Giants turned a 24-7 halftime deficit into a 30-24 OT win with some great plays by Eli Manning and a freak fumble-recovery TD.

Here's what else we know: (1) the Giants can adjust to their opponents; (2) the Eagles cannot.

Yesterday was a prime example of Andy Reid's great weakness -- poor in-game adjustments. He NEVER shifted anyone to help LT Winston Justice block Umenyiora and left the tackle, who was a fill-in for Tra Thomas, on his own. Reid also never adjusted the Philly game plan to take advantage of the Giants' weak midfield pass coverage. This is poor coaching, boys and girls.

Good for the Jints: they're 2-2 after a brutal start, have allowed only a field goal in the last six quarters and with respect to previous opponents, suck only in comparison to a pair of teams rolling along at 4-0. Not horrible at all.

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