Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Go Rox

As much as you, me, the media or anyone else wants to view Rox-Sox as a potential reenactment of the 2003 Marlins-Yanks series, it just doesn't wash. The Sportfish had big-time power pitchers who could carry a 7+ inning load (Penny, Beckett) without problems; the Rox starters rarely go beyond 6, and with the RedSax preternatural patience at the plate, that may be a challenge. The Rox have better relief pitching than the Sportfishies did and a better overall lineup. But the Series will come down to executing good pitches against patient hitters and getting the small things done. The Monk sees the RedSax clinching in Colorado and more of this kind of stomach-turning talk for the next few months.

I hope I'm wrong.

Meanwhile, there's a lot to like about the Rox, from their youthful energy to their great defense to their top-end pitching ability to their honest manager. The link in the title of this post is to a column discussing why baseball is a pleasant distraction for Clint Hurdle because one of his favorite people in the world has a lot of difficult days.

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