Monday, October 08, 2007

Missus Jones gives back the medals

The Monk knows he's a hard-a** but I think I'm one of the few people I know who has any clue about who Marion Jones is and who is NOT surprised she got busted for cheating. Today, she reportedly gave back her medals from the 2000 Olympics. That would be the same Olympics her weightlifter (ex-)husband got thrown out of for doping.

That would also be the same Olympics in which her later boyfriend (and baby daddy of her son Timothy) Tim Montgomery won a gold medal as part of the US 4x100 relay team. Montgomery had his records and medals from March 2001 wiped out after he admitted using steroids in his BALCO investigation testimony.

Jones ruled the track world more thoroughly than any of her predecessors -- she was the first million-dollar female track athlete, had a huge endorsement contract with Nike (including those Mrs. Jones DJ ads) and received 70-80K per race as an appearance fee. Not bad.

Now she's broke thanks to terrible financial decisions, and disgraced. Many thought she was a great champion, now she's just a great fraud. And she's just shy of her 32nd birthday (10-12) -- she'll have to live with the disgrace for decades.

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