Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not always about the money

Ian O'Connor, the reporter who had the telephone call with George Steinbrenner on Saturday where Big Stein said he didn't envision bringing Torre back if the Yanks lost to the Indians, rips into Scott Boras.

Boras is easy to bash because he is the living embodiment of greed in pro sports. He requires top dollar for all his clients, and usually gets it. But Boras does not think in one manner that should matter to his clients: championships. O'Connor rips Boras for trying to position A-Rod for a $400M deal upon opting out of his Yankees contract because it shows Boras is more concerned about the money than A-Rod's place in the history of the premier franchise in sports or the superstar's stated desire to win a championship as a Yankee. After all, the top dollar mindset landed A-Rod in Texas, and dead last place, for three years . . . staring up in the standings at his former team. See also Barry Zito -- a flop in a pitchers park in the NL after Boras secured a $126M/8 deal for the overrated pitcher.

Worse yet, and something O'Connor only mentions in passing, is Boras' lack of class:

Before the body of Joe Torre's work was cold in the Bronx, Boras was already trying to beat the manager out of town. The superagent did a series of interviews promoting A-Rod as an asset more valuable to baseball than green grass and blue skies . . .

Not really. But O'Connor's other point is well worth noting: ARod is thisclose to owning New York more than Jeter or any other superstar ever has because he does the big things (HR, RBI) and may be the Yankee leader who carries the team to the next World Series. With nine figures guaranteed already, doesn't the legacy of this great player mean more than just how his bank account looks?

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