Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Still Rocked by reality

The Monk is frankly completely shocked by the Rox. Colorado not only has won 21 of 22 since standing 4.5 games behind the Padres at 76-72, and not only came back against the NL's lone Hall of Fame closer to be in a one-game playoff, and not only became the first team in the three-tier playoff era to sweep through both the LDS and LCS (since 1995, only the '95 Braves, '99 Yanks, '05 Chisawx, and '06 Tigers had even made the World Series by losing just one game), but the Rawx have won 20 of those 21 against teams with winning records!


Most impressive.

And before you think "yeah, but those are all NL teams" remember that the Rawx lost a one-run game to the Redsux at Fenway this year, then won their remaining games against the Redhos and Yanks -- whupping the Blosax in Beanville and allowing 5 runs to the Yanks in three games in Colorado. The Rawx did that in June, when a run to the World Series was little more than a fantasy even for diehard Coloradans. The radical Rawx had the best ERA in the NL over the last three months of the season, and allowed 16 runs in seven games in the playoffs -- and those games were all played at three of the four best hitters' parks in the NL. Manny Corpas is evidently Panamanian for "possible next Rivera." (Both Corpas and Rivera are from Panama).

Matt Holliday's star is getting brighter by the day.

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