Monday, October 15, 2007

Sporting chances

ESPN has a newsmagazine, dubbed E:60, that is more 60 Minutes than Outside the Lines (ESPN's pseudo-Nightline show). The show tomorrow will have a segment on Cecil and Prince Fielder.

Prince is the slugger for the Brewers who led the NL with 50 homers. He's stout (to be kind), strong, and plays first base. Ditto his dad, Cecil. But Prince grew up largely without his father because "Big Daddy" was a big gambler: Cecil squandered his baseball millions betting. Big Daddy abandoned his wife, son and daughter and went on the lam from creditors, leaving them to pick up the pieces. Those pictures that all Tigers and Yankees fans have of a husky Prince Fielder bouncing around the baseball field and clubhouse in pregames with his dad are a distant memory -- Prince does not speak to his father, and won't speak about him.

Today's USA Today has this description of the segment:

E:60, ESPN's newsmagazine premiering Tuesday, looks at ex-MLB star Cecil Fielder's estrangement from his son, Prince of the Milwaukee Brewers. Cecil claims he went to a game to watch his son and meet his grandchildren but was forced to leave at his son's request. He says he'll "never" go to a game until Prince "grows up enough to talk to me like a man." …

Sounds like Prince has grown up more than enough to get his priorities straight.

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